faux leather + wire minnie ears

3rd June 2014

I was recently invited by one of my besties to Disneyland and in the same week was super inspired by a Lauren Conrad instagram picture, which is when and where i decided I MUST put my own spin on these DIY wire minnie ears for the occasion!  So that’s exactly what i did.



and let me tell you, they were the BEST.  So i recreated them a second time for you right here!

SUPPLIES:  faux leather, (or i found pink vinyl on sale at JoAnn’s that worked just as well) whatever fabric, 12 gauge black jewelry wire, my saving grace E6000, hot glue gun, a thin black headband, black ribbon

photo-66 photo5 First, you’re going to construct your bow.  I found a lovely faux leather bow tutorial HERE.  I would definitely use E6000 to glue the bow and a clothespin to keep it snug while it dries.  (i found that hot glue doesn’t adhere to our chosen material very well – E6000 is stronger.)

photo 1-7

Next, the ears!  Find a round object that you can use to wrap your wire around to the size of the circle you want each ear.  This wire is super pliable! (easy to bend and cut with scissors)

photo 2-7

You should end up with two folds in the wire by just twisting it once.

photo 3-5

Let’s glue our wire circles to our headbands. (the fold in the wire almost acts as a little cradle) we’ll cover the excess glue by wrapping it with the ribbon. (this will also make strengthen the ears position on the top of the headband)

photo 1

With a random piece of cardboard from a shoe box covered in a coordinating fabric, i was able to attach a piece to keep our bow and ears more durable.

photo 2

Glue the fabric-wrapped piece of cardboard to the wire where it is folded.  This is where your bow will come in and save the day/cover up all discrepancies!

photo 3-6

Using E6000, glue the middle of the bow, as well as the wire to the bow.  This will take a few hours to dry. (as per usual)

photo 4-3

Feel free to make any type of bow you like!  I think Lauren Conrad used a thick white ribbon in her instagram photo, but the possibilities are endless!  I personally LOVE the look of the faux leather bow!


Keep in mind – if you make fabric or ribbon bows instead, the extra cardboard step is not even necessary – a dab of hot glue to keep the wire & fabric in place will do! (SEE ABOVE.)  Also, I found that just a simple plastic thin headband with teeth (like above) work best.  If you use a headband without them, I’d suggest bobby pins to keep the ears in place.


 Have SO much fun making these and even more fun wearing them! (and be prepared to get a TON of compliments! They were a HUGE HIT!)  Tweet me @ashleyQUIZ or instagram me at ashrachelle if you make them – I wanna see your version!  ~xo, A

kate spade saturday + dipped serving spoons

1st May 2014

photo 3ks

I have been eyeing and dying to paint some wooden serving spoons, and upon chance I found these beauties one lovely Sunday afternoon.  (my sweets was in dismay that i would leave the Kate Spade Saturday store with this lone purchase)  Don’t you think they would be the most fabulous mother’s day gift?  Of course, you could use any ‘ol wooden utensil, but I love the geometric look of these and they are made of pure maple.  so stylish + simple!

photo 1ks photo 2ks

Using Krylon metallic spray paint in silver and gold, I taped off these babies first to make distinguish the line, then i covered them with a ziploc.  Make sure you seal the deal with a high gloss food safe shellac, which will also give them more of the dipped look.

**I’d recommend a light handwashing & be mindful of the paint while using these to avoid chippage or meltage into food.


I think these would be a fun housewarming, or bridal shower or how about the perfect MOTHER’S DAY gift?  Feel free to color mix it up to your own personal taste.  I personally am loving the silver + gold combo!  It’s really poppin’!   ~xo, A

animal cake [the muppets most wanted]

8th April 2014

Have y’all seen the Muppets Most Wanted yet?  I grew up LOVING the Muppets!  How many of you watched Muppet Babies every saturday morning? [raises hand]  Sadly, i haven’t seen the newest Muppet movie but i most certainly plan on it!


Just wanted to share with you guys this AN-NEE-MAAAAAAL cake I made a while back.  It was red velvet and I used fondant (Wilton) and icing (for his hair- with a Wilton tip #233) to create this classic creature!  One of my most favorite parts of this cake was the way it looked like Animal is busting through!  it was super simple – i just cut ragged pieces of white fondant and folded it over the edge of the “black hole” that Animal lies on top of. (P.S. It has been brought to my attention- those are mini drumsticks not phallic objects!)

Loving all of these other Muppet creations I am seeing! Especially these Muppets cookies from my friend Rosanna’s Nerdy Nummies, and look at these AMAZING Beaker BLT wraps from Handmade Charlotte!

which Muppets creations are you loving?  Lemme know!   ~xo, A

dad’s cucumber salad

7th April 2014


I randomly had all these ingredients so on a whim, i threw together Dad’s cucumber salad.  This (as well as fried egg sandwiches) is one of my favorite things that he used to make.

Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, 3 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 3 tbsp any Vinegar of your choice, 2 tbsp Italian Dressing,  a pinch of Pepper & Himalayan Sea Salt. Throw into a bowl all together (or stack for aesthetic value) and let sit in the fridge for many hours. (As my Pops used to say, “the longer it marinates, the more delish it will be”) >>>>> ENJOY!

button cookies & edible chuck taylors

27th March 2014

So many life events lately and so many opportunities to craft them special!  I helped throw my best friend’s baby shower this weekend in my home sweet Austin, Texas and it was truly the best day ever.


I was responsible for desserts…which is always difficult when you are not baking in your own kitchen.  Luckily, i was able to rely on some of my faves (blogs and people) to get me through this difficult time. (chuckle)  Yeah, don’t feel too sorry for me.  My best friends were nice enough to let me borrow their lovely space and with this view… i can NOT complain.


I picked one of my favorite Austin bakeries (Delish) and had them create a simple vanilla cake with buttercream frosting, though i did request a wave pattern to compliment these crafting touches i had in mind.

Thanks to my (imaginary) friends over at Bakerella, i was inspired by their awesome idea to create button cookies!  Although, i was able to create the button shape (as seen above) before I baked them thanks to my other (imaginary) friend’s cut out cookie recipe from Bake at 350.  For the cookies, I used 2 different size circular cookie cutters and a modeling tool for fondant (basically a stick with a point at the end, like a pencil) to create the button shape.  This recipe is the SERIOUS JAM.  i am obsessed with it!

Have a send another shout out to my (imaginary) friend at Peace, Love & Cake NY for saving me SO much time and creating the cutest fondant baby chuck taylors EVER.  Those cutie signs i just bought a pack for around $5 from Michael’s, threw some stickers on them/took a paint pen to them.


while at Michael’s,  I also bought a pack of printable iron-on t-shirt transfers (under $10) to make a little MAX onesie banner to hang at the shower.  It was so simple.  I bought a pack of white onesies (3-6 mo) from K-Mart, hung it on twine with 6 clothespins.

and how’d you know: it’s BLUE OMBRE.  #ombreobsessed

BHLDN inspired L-O-V-E cake topper

11th March 2014

i had the honor of helping plan my best friend’s bachelorette party in New Orleans (that happened over this past weekend) which also gave me the opportunity to create some really cool things!  One of which is inspired by this fabulous BHLDN L-O-V-E cake topper:


I follow BHLDN on instagram, and when i saw it, consider it LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.  Of course, these originals are made of pewter and only cost $28, however, i was able to turn them gold for under $10.

With a foam sheet, my hot glue gun, skewers & krylon metallic spray paint in gold, i was able to replicate these babies in the best way!


I’m so please with how they turned out- and they looked OH SO lovely…perfect actually!  I also got the chance to work with Martha Stewart’s line of glass paint from Michael’s and what at first seemed like a daunting task, turned out easy and OH SO FABULOUS!  I searched Etsy far and wide for personalized ideas (per usu) and found that people were painting bridal champagne glasses.


[colors: hydrangea, camellia pink, wedding cake, beach glass in gloss opaque]

IT WAS SO EASY AND FUN YA’LL!  I used Scotch Expressions masking tape to shape the sweetheart neckline, and painted 5-6 coats using a sponge brush.  After painting, set glasses on a dish or pan inside the oven and turn to 300 degrees (the glasses need to get gradually get hotter) in order to seal the paint to the glass.  To top it off, I added each name to the base of the glass with a glass paint marker, and glued a single rhinestone to the middle of the “bust” with e6000 post cooling.


These were running from $15-20 a POP on Etsy!  So feel free to get your etsy marketplaces started and thank me later.

Speaking of thanks, gotta take a second to shout out to Swiss Confectionery in New Orleans for making and delivering the most divine and wonderfully sweet cake for this festive occasion!  it was so pretty…and delicious!  AND, they are a bakery staple in the crescent city, having been around for 90 years!


So there you have it! I think we should probably also be friends on the ‘gram!  THAT’S RIGHT, it’s @ashrachelle!  *xo, A

Popcorn Cupcakes

27th February 2014

These cupcakes are one of my ABSOLUTE favorite things to make.  I made them for my best friend’s 90’s themed birthday party, and they were a HUGE HIT.


truth be told, i have always wanted to make them for an Oscar party!  I think they would be perfect.  And they are literally so simple to make, so i love the opportunity to whip them up again.

For these cupcakes you’ll need: scissors, mini marshmallows, yellow gel color & a paintbrush


while your cupcakes are baking/cooling, we’re going to prep our marshmallows.  You’re going to cut an X in mini marshmallow to make the kernel shape, and you will need a TON of marshmallows depending on how many of these badboys you plan on making, and i happen to think the more kernels, the better!  After you ice your treats (i suggest using BUTTERcream icing) spread out each kernel to make more popcorn like by squeezing the bottom of the mallow, and strategically place on your cupcake.  Last, but not least, and definitely my favorite part, use an even part water/part yellow gel color solution, and paint the inside of each popcorn to bring these badboys to life.

What really sets off this projects is the popcorn cupcake wrapper.  The first time i did this, I bought a file from etsy.  This time, I found a downloadable version I liked here.  I find that normal stock paper is best for wrapping around the cupcake.


Now just take a minute and admire your handiwork.  (p.s. i made the stars out of a left over foam sheet & skewer, spray painted and glittered)  I love how REAL the marshmallows look on these- I can’t get enough! Sure to be a huge hit at this year’s Oscar extravaganza!   *xo, A

i see you in my dreams

23rd February 2014

hi there. i have been dreaming about these two articles ever since I laid eyes on them this week.

“Prometheus” lighting installation by Christopher Boots. WANT.   One day she will be mine….oh yes, she will be mine.


Sacai Luck’s Mixed Media Shorts.  NEED. Loving the look of all pieces by this wonderful JAPANESE designer.  I was practically drooling all over myself in Fred Segal.


Unfortunately both of these items are 100% out of my budget but a girl can always dream.    *xo, A

a hearty ombre cake

14th February 2014

-13 it’s safe to say, i’m obsessed with ombre.  i’ve been drooling over some sensational ombre heart cakes for a minute.  of course, we all love this one.  As opposed to making my own sugar hearts, I found these Wilton icing decorations right when Michael’s started celebrating Valentine’s Day and grabbed them with hopes of inspiration.  and then, legitmately as I was crafting the idea for my own hearty ombre cake, i saw this cutie, thanks to best friends for frosting.

It’s very simple.  I’d recommend 3 packages of hearts (so that’s 243 hearts) for a 2 layer 6-inch cake.  Use a dab of icing as glue.

I always love adding a good craft to a cake.  Check out my retractable arrow valentines post to see how to assemble the ombre arrow.  and Happy Valentine’s Day!  Hope it is filled with all of your loves!

*xo, a

-10 -12

-5 -6



DIY retractable ombre arrow valentines

11th February 2014



I’m so glad the blog has recovered from the facelift in time for this!  I am obsessed with these Valentine’s! (and even more obsessed with how they turned out…) and the true beauty of it is, all of the supplies I had at home….talk about MEANT TO BE. <3

CHECK OUT a 15 second instagram demo of this:  DIY ARROW OMBRE VALENTINE


For these sweet Valentine’s you’ll need:  a paper straw, 3 different shades of pink tissue paper, a skewer, hot glue gun, scissors, box cutters, (or an xcto knife) scotch tape, and a personal printed message


1. cut a slit into the paper straw from the middle to the end. (be very careful) 2. cut a rectangle out of the gold cardstock paper, round into a cone, hot glue.  3. glue a straw in the middle of the cone. 4. cut a small circle out of gold cardstock to cover the top of the cone, make a hole in the middle (like a donut) and slide down the straw, hot glue.


5. slide the skewer in the straw to measure where you’ll attach the paper message, scotch tape the message on the skewer in the appropriate place. (message should be at the bottom of the cut in the straw)  6. slide the message in the cut of the straw, roll up the message with the top of the skewer (trim the skewer to appropriate height)


7. cut all 3 colors of tissue paper in small V shapes.  8.  glue from darkest to lightest down the straw.  Trim the sides and cut lines into tissue paper to make a more feathered look.

TA-DA!  Use the skewer at the top to wind your message back into the straw after the big reveal!

I love Valentine’s Day and i feel like i could make VD crafts all day long!  So whatdya think? Be sure to watch the video to get the full effect of the coolness.  Leave a comment below and feel free to share!   *xo, A