tribute to a 90′s teen heart-throb

20th April 2011

it’s 12:09 am here which means I’m allowed to post a new blog! (don’t want to be over-ambitious with a double whammy or spamming up your inboxes without giving you a breather…)

I was just one of my childhood favorite movies…and as a new resident of LA and a huge fan, i feel compelled to post a tributary blog entry to one of my favorite childhood actors, the one and only Mr. Jonathan Brandis.  (and in case you were wondering, the favorite childhood movie in question is LADYBUGS.) did you know that badboy in DVD form is no cheaper than $25 bones?!?! hot commodity much…though i’m obviously not only one willing to pay this!

If not from “Ladybugs”, you may recognize this young man from “Sidekicks”, “Never Ending Story Part 2″, or maybe even his short stints on “The Wonder Years” or “Who’s the Boss”?  If not, then you didn’t grow up in the 90′s.  I remember tearing through the pages of “Tiger Beat” magazine and hanging up those double page spreads on my wall.  How bout his voice?  Remember his distinctive mid-pubescent-esque voice?  Oh man.  Still tears at the heart strings to think that this homie is no longer with us.

Just a couple of notable aspects of my old childhood heart-throb:

  • Jonathan passed away at age 27, like other notable celebs such as Kurt Cobain and Janis, and this group is often referred to as the “27 club”.
  • His apartment (and where he was found deceased) is supposedly on Wilshire Blvd, which is blocks within mine. (i found this creepy website worth checking out –
Why i believe a Ladybugs-related blog is appropriate at this time?  The other day, my girlfriend Erica was obviously quoting the movie (“I’m great…i’m wonderful…everybody likes me!”) and I subconciously started reciting the lines with her.  She looks at me in shock, “wait…you know that movie?” DUH.  It was a pivotal moment in our friendship for sure.  A couple of weeks before that, i’m at work setting the dining room, and “All I do is Dream”  (by the Everly Brothers) comes on, and I am instantly taken aback to the dream sequence in “Ladybugs” where Matthew is envisioning Kimberly running towards him in a bikini.  I asked my co-worker with total excitement, wondering if he was having the same type of childhood dejavu, but to no avail.  The sentiment was not shared.
    A classic favorite that i will always hold near and dear to my heart.  Your spirit will always live on through this movie and everyone who grew up watching it!  So here’s to you, Jonathan Brandis!  You and your “BOP” articles and dreamy posters definitely contributed to making me the boy crazy girl i am today!
      Jonathan Brandis, we salute you! SCHHHHHHAAAAWING!

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